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Custom-Made, Top Quality Hair Systems

Based in Washington, DC, Lawrence Revere Ltd. offers custom-designed hair systems for men and women of all ages. No contracts are required. Normal size custom units with full lace or all skin base are only $475 (basic hair length and color).

How We Do It

Each one of our custom-designed hair systems begins with an exact plaster or plastic mold of the client's hair loss area.  We then analyze the color, texture, direction, and other properties of the client's own hair to ensure a perfect match. Finally, the system is expertly integrated into the client's existing hair so that it is virtually undetectable.  The end result is a full head of natural-looking, natural feeling, and natural acting hair.

Service and Repairs

During a periodic (typically every 4-6 weeks) service appointment, the hair system is removed and cleaned, the client's own hair is shampooed and cut, and the system is reattached and styled.

We offer all types of non-surgical attachment systems, including sophisticated bonding agents, fusion, double-sided tape, and clips.

Color correction and repairs, including adding hair, are performed on our premises.

If you already wear a hair system, in most cases, we can provide any periodic service you may need, e.g., removing and cleaning the system, shampooing and cutting your own hair, and reattaching and styling the system. Gentlemen: If you were a Hair Direct client, we can service your current system, cut in a new system you already have, or help you order a new system.

Quality Supplies

We offer a full line of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, tape, and other products, all of which are specifically designed/formulated for human and/or synthetic hair systems.